District Conference in Koblenz

24 Sept to 26 Sept 2021

District 28 Conference

21-23 June 2019 in Basel, Switzerland

New District Board 2020-2022

Charter of Golden Z Club Main Taunus 

AE Fellows Meeting 

Past Conferences

Milano  2017

Governor Dietlind Stürz, Germany

Hanau  2015

Governor Helena Bühler, Switzerland

Winterthur  2013

Governor Sonia Albanese, Italy

Roma 2011

Governor Anita Schnetzer-Spranger, Germany

Frankfurt  2009

Governor Regula Dannecker, Switzerland

Luzern   2007

Governor Renata Giunchi Palandri, Italy

Parma  2005

Governor Elke Johler Duriez, Germany

Darmstadt  2003

Governor Massimiliana Martini, Italy

Venezia  2001

Governor Monique Schlegel, Switzerland

Montpellier 1999

Wien 1997

San Remo 1995

Next Conference

Koblenz 2021, Governor Annemarie Loosli-Locher, Switzerland